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Curbside Composting Pickup....What is it and why is it a green alternative?

Backyard composting sounds like a great idea, but if you’re not dedicated to the process, it can quickly turn into an upsetting venture.  A good compost requires the proper proportion of food waste to lawn clippings to paper scraps, frequent turning of the pile, suitable temperatures, and the right moisture levels.  Without these conditions, your attempt at composting kitchen waste could essentially end up as a stinky pile of garbage in your backyard, attracting unwanted pests like rats and other wildlife.  So what to do?  Hire Earth Mama Compost to do your dirty work!  Compost pickup services have sprung up all over the country, and our mission is to collect your compostable kitchen scraps and drop them off at a local farm or compost facility, far away from landfills – all for just a small fee.

What are the benefits of composting? Besides creating a rich soil fertilizer some refer to as “black gold”, it keeps over 36 million tons of food waste and organic matter out of landfills, where, as it degrades, emits methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide in contributing to global warming.  Food that gets thrown down the garbage disposal enters the sewage system, and the cost of cleanup is much more than the cost of composting.

At Earth Mama Compost, central Indiana's only curbside composting pickup service, we are committed to helping you, your family, or your business, dispose of food waste in an environmentally responsible way.  We provide you with a composting receptacle and 100% certified compostable liners.  We pick up your food scraps weekly or biweekly (your choice!), then we take them to local farmers, community gardens, and compost facilities to be turned into compost...that "black gold" that provides valuable nutrients to the soil, allowing urban and rural farmers to put great quality local food on your table.

Be a part of a growing green movement in Indianapolis and central Indiana and start compost pickup service with Earth Mama Compost today!

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Service as little as $20 a month.  Sign up today!

"We were 100% satisfied with the service provided by Earth Mama.  After moving from a house to an apartment, it was such a blessing to have a place for the compost to go that wasn't the trash.  It is extremely convenient, easy, and budget-friendly.  Thank you for helping us continue to live with the environment in mind, Marianne!"
                                                                                                                                    -Janelle Pivec, customer
"Earth Mama Compost provides an excellent service. I love the thought of my food scraps going to nourish crops rather than rotting in the waste stream.  The cost is very affordable and the service very reliable.  Communication is also always excellent, helpful and prompt. "
                                                                                                                                    -Nicole Guerrettaz, customer

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