Frequently asked questions

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    Do you service my area?


    We service all of Marion County, Carmel, Whitestown, and Zionsville.
  2. Q

    Do you have a drop-off location?


    We are working on it!
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    How much will my service cost?


    We have a flat rate of $20.00 per month for residential clients. This rate only applies to bi-weekly clients.
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    Who supplies the bags?


    We give you a bag for the large container. You supply the 3-gallon bags for your countertop collector.
  5. Q

    What bags do I buy?


    The bags have to be compostable. Please look for the certification ASTM D6400. You can find them at most grocery stores.
  6. Q

    Will I get compost back?


    Absolutely! We like to say thank you each Spring with a 4-gallon bucket of black gold.
  7. Q

    Can I compost these new fangled compostable products?


    We don't take all of them. Compostable paper plates and cups, wooden stir sticks and utensils, fiber clam shells/food containers are all fine. We will not accept any compostable plastics, bamboo, or hemp. Bamboo and hemp are anti-microbial.
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    Why don't you pickup every week?


    Keeping it green! We would rather give you a second container for free and save on our emissions.
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    How can I get a reduced rate in my neighborhood?


    We discount for density. If you can get 30 households to sign up, everyone will get a 30% discount.
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    What if I forget to set my bucket out?


    Please call us! You may be able to avoid a charge if you contact us before we head your way.
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    What if I am going on vacation or don't need service for the week?


    Please email us as soon as you know that you don't need us to come by. We prefer a minimum of one day's notice to avoid a charge.
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