Your Local

Compost Hauler

Turning your food scraps into compost goodness.


  • Free Kit

Setup for residential clients is always free!

Your kit includes:
5-gallon bucket with easy-off lid

8-gallon compostable liner (we replace)
2.5-gallon countertop bin
1 roll of 3-gallon liners (you replace)

  • $10 Per Pickup
We stop by every other week to pickup your goodies. 
You can purchase a second bucket if you are in need. No extra charge for  your pickup!
  • Free Compost
Each spring we spread our love through compost! 
Clients are welcome to pickup a bucket of compost. We will email you with details
We also donate compost to an urban farmer that is dedicated to feeding the food insecure families in our community.

Marion County






Areas We Service:

  • Zionsville
  • Marion County
  • Greenwood
  • Carmel
  • Whitestown

Discounted areas:
$10 per month
Zionsville and Irvington

Why Compost?

Think that pile of guacamole just goes away? Think again.
Did you know that Garbologist William Rathje found a 25 year old pile of guacamole  while digging through a landfill. That same pile could have made beautiful, rich compost in less than a month in a compost pile. Instead it emits methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide, for decades.